Christmas Short Stories: Reading Holiday Favorites Together

Ready to start a fun new tradition using great Christmas short stories?

Most families have a Christmas tradition or two that they look forward to sharing together year after year. Traditions draw us closer together and allow us to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season; they’re also something special to share with future generations. If you don’t have a Christmas tradition, try reading Christmas short stories together this year! It’s free, meaningful and gives a slight pause to each day of the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season.

Begin on December 1st and read a story each night until Christmas. You may want to plan ahead by having each family member pick out several of their favorite holiday stories to have on hand. You can borrow some from your local library, download them to your iPod (many can be downloaded free), or listen to audio stories. If you are stuck and don’t have enough favorites for each day, explore some new stories. We’ve created a list below to help get you started.

Make story time special by turning off the TV, computers, and iPods after dinner each night (unless of course, you’ve downloaded your Christmas short stories to your iPod). Light some candles, or gather the family around the lit Christmas tree. Make some apple cider or hot chocolate and have a small treat like a Christmas sugar cookie or shortbread to go with your hot drink. Then settle in to read, or listen to, your Christmas short stories.

You’ll be surprised at how much your family will look forward to this quiet time with each other and you may even have some wonderful conversations during or after reading these timeless Christmas short stories together. Story time is also a great way to wind everyone down before bed, both young and old.

Make this Christmas special and begin a tradition that your family will look forward to each year. Your kids will remember this tradition and may even pass it on to their kids someday!

Here are some stories to get you started. You can find many of these free online.

  • The Gift, by R. Louis Carroll
  • The Story of Babouska
  • T’was the Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore
  • The Christmas Story, the Bible – Matthew Chapters 1&2
  • The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry
  • The Little Match Seller, by Hans Christian Anderson
  • The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde
  • The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, by L. Frank Baum
  • A Kidnapped Santa Claus, by L. Frank Baum
  • The Cobbler and His Guest, by Anne McCollum Boyles
  • The Story of the Candy Cane

We hope that you enjoy reading them and continue the tradition for years to come.

The Crack Of Dawn Short Stories Should End With A Twist

She came for him at the crack of dawn. He heard her cross the room and the small boy hoping to hide, slid deep beneath the bedding. But there was no escape that way. She ripped back the covers and dragged him sobbing from the bed. He begged and pleaded all the while looking up hopefully, but the look of grim determination on her pale face told him there was to be no mercy. He struggled to escape, but the hands that encircled his upper arms tightened, her bright red nails digging into the flesh of his skinny arms. He cried out, went limp, and when she changed her grip broke free and made a break for the door.

But he was there, and he filled the opening from top to bottom and side to side. It wasn’t fair he couldn’t fight them both. The figure in the doorway bent, large calloused hands lifted the boy, carried him from the room, dumped him on the bathroom floor and growled, ‘Wash! And don’t even think of trying the window. I’ll be here, right behind you.’

He glanced in the mirror, the man stood behind him arms folded, his blue eyes as hard as ice. The boy’s shoulders slumped, it was no good; he’d just have to get on with it. He washed and dried.

It hadn’t been like this in the beginning. In the beginning they had been kind. The man would bend, ruffle his hair and ask him what he had been doing that day and he would look up at the red face with the warm blue eyes and the friendly smile and tell him all he knew.

She had been different too; she’d smiled a lot, had a habit of brushing her blond hair from her face that was nice, and best of all, she would tuck him in and read him a story at bedtime.

But it had all been a sham, a trick, to lull him into a false sense of security and he had been taken in by it. But last night when he sneaked down for a glass of water, he had overheard them discussing their plan to get rid of him. He’d tried to escape then, but the man had caught him and forced him back to his room.

The man led him from the bathroom to the kitchen, where they forced him to eat. She left the room and returned with a uniform and made him to put it on. Black shoes then socks, trousers, shirt and jacket, all drab grey except for the symbol on the jacket that was bright yellow. Next came the cap, also grey, with same yellow symbol on the front.

A satisfied look on their faces they led him out to the car. He was bundled in the back; she came with him and held his hands scotching any chance of escape. Ten minutes later they parked the car and walked towards the building. It was now or never, he made a break for it, he could hear the shouts and thump of boots behind him. He didn’t get far; the man caught him before he reached the corner. He gave in then, but he wouldn’t let them see him cry.

They dragged him past high walls with black railings, to the gate that had an archway above it bearing the same yellow symbol. When they pushed him through the gate he knew this was the end. He joined the line of other children dressed in grey, and shuffled through the door, it closed behind him. His first day at school had begun.

Worldwide Copyright Fred Watson 2006

Benefits of Short Stories

A short story is a literary work that tells a series of event in a specific setting. These series of events are the product of the writer’s powerful mind and imagination. They are the result of contemplations, and realizations done by the writer either during his gloomy or happy days. Short stories are the outlet of the writer’s emotions. It is through short stories that a writer directly or indirectly expresses his ideals, beliefs and opinions regarding issues that continually confronting the society. Thus stories are written due to several purposes such as to inspire, to educate, to entertain and to provoke one’s emotions.

Whichever the purpose of a particular story, one thing that is very much sure is that stories have lots of benefits to everyone.

For children stories teach them moral lessons which will be planted in their young minds and that they can ponder upon as they grow older. Other than that, they help in the enhancement of children’s imaginative thinking which leads to creativity. According to some experts, children are being trained to think imaginatively while listening or reading stories in accordance to how the writer describes the setting, characters, and events that took place in the story. More than that, children are taught to focus their attention to a specific topic so that if they will be engaged to more complicated brainstorming or emersions they won’t have any difficulty. One thing more, their vocabularies will be developed. As a result,, this will help them develop their communication skills both in oral and written communication.

For older person, stories especially with those that contain humor entertain people. Short stories would also provoke questions in the minds of people regarding life and society. Short stories enables them see realities even though the events in the stories did not happen in actual scenes; but there are several situations in life that can be related to those events. The readers are made to see and think of the realities in life. Another thing is that stories teach people to appreciate the beauty of life. This is because through short stories that the adventures of people are told. These characters are used to symbolize things in the real society. It is through them that writers relate the message they wanted their readers to grasp. Despite the fact that these characters shown in these stories don’t exist in real life, their struggles can be compared to someone in real life.

Those benefits mentioned above are only among the many benefits of reading short stories. Seeing those benefits that stories can give, it is just correct to conclude that reading short stories is helpful to all.